For scraping youtube videos, we take videos that have captions only. We then break it down to the timestamp so that when a user clicks on a source, they know exactly which part of the video it pulled it from.

How do I add files from Youtube?

Step 1: Go to the Youtube Tab in Libraria

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base of the Library you want to add a PDF to.

  2. Click Add Knowledge button.

Add Knowledge
  1. Select Scrape with links.
Scrape with links
  1. Select Youtube from the tabs that are in the link section.
Youtube tab

Step 2: Copy and Paste Youtube URL

  1. Copy the URL link of the channel or Youtube video you want to add. The Youtube videos must have captions in order to be scraped.

  2. Paste the URL link in the field. Click Add more if you want to add more URLs.

You can either paste your Youtube video URL or Youtube channel URL.

  • Youtube Video URL
Youtube URL
  • Youtube Channel URL
Channel URL

Step 3: Check Files and Submit

  1. Click on Submit. Once submitted, a window will appear showing how much credits you will use to scrape and the files that will be added to your knowledge base.
Youtube URL
  1. Click on the Submit button in the window to confirm the scraping and add it to your library.

  2. You can check the output of the scraping by viewing your Library.

Youtube URL

Output of Youtube Video Scraping

Selecting Videos to Scrape in a Channel via Dates

  1. Open the Advanced accordion.
Advanced channel
  1. Input a date in the field to select the videos according to the date it was uploaded. This will scrape videos that are uploaded in the channel after the date you inputted.
Date field