Whatsapp output

Step 1: Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account

  1. Sign up for a WhatsApp Business Account.
  2. Verify your phone number by receiving a verification code via SMS or a phone call.
  3. Complete the setup by providing the necessary business details.

Step 2: Setup Your App in Meta

  1. Create your app here.

  2. For What do you want your app to do? Select Other

  1. For App Type, select None
  1. Select your Business Account that you created in Step 1

  2. Head over to your app and add the WhatsApp and Webhook products. Look for Whatsapp and click Set Up

  1. On the sidebar, navigate to Whatsapp > API setup
  1. The phone number under From will be number the users will be messaging your chatbot on whatsapp. Save the WhatsApp Business Account ID. You will need to paste it later in the Libraria WhatsApp Integration setup.
WhatsApp Business Account ID

WhatsApp Business Account ID

Step 3: Create a permanent token

Permanent Access Token can be used to send and receive messages to/from the WhatsApp API without the need to refresh the token every 24 hours.

  • Navigate to Business Settings (opens in a new tab)
  • Choose the business account associated with your app.
  • Click on Add under System Users.
  • Enter a name for the system user, assign the Admin role, and click Create System User.
  • Click on Create Asset and select Apps from the asset type Tab.
Add Asset

Add assets

  • Select your app and toggle Manage App (full control).
Manage App

Click on "Manage App"

  • Click Generate New Token
    • For Token Expiration, select Never
    • For Available Permissions select whatsapp_business_messaging and whatsapp_business_management.
  • Copy and save your token on Libraria and edit your Permanent Token on Libraria.

Step 4: Add the WhatsApp Chat Integration in your Libraria Account

  1. Click settings under your desired library

On the sidebar select your Library and click "Settings"

  1. Navigate to integrations and click WhatsApp
Select Whatsapp

Select Whatsapp

  1. Paste your previously saved WhatsApp Business Account ID and Permanent Token Token

  2. Copy the webhook URL and Token Callback

Step 5: Setting up your Webhook Endpoint

  1. Head back to your Meta Developer Account and select your app.

  2. Go to WhatsApp -> Configuration and click ‘Edit’ Webhook

  3. Paste your webhook URL and Token from Libraria here. Callback URL

  4. After successfuly saving your URL and token, click “Manage” on webhook fields and subscribe to “messages”. Subscriptions

Congratulations, you have successfully setup your WhatsApp Integration.

Official Meta documentation can be found here