Why we love Pipedream: Pipedream gives you up to 15 minute timeouts compared to Zapier’s 30 seconds, which is almost necessary when it comes to long outputs with GPT-4.


  • A Pipedream account
  • A Libraria account and library

Step 0: Get your Libraria API Key

  • Select your team on the Side Nav, and click Manage Team
  • Copy your API Key, or if it doesn’t exist click Generate

Step 1: Create a new workflow on Pipedream

  • Create a new project and workflow on Pipedream

Step 2: Create a Trigger

  • Select a trigger to call your API. Try an email (will run your workflow if you send it to the specified email).
  • Send an email to the specified email

Step 3: Create a Libraria Node

  • Next press + and create a new node on your workflow
  • Search and select Libraria
  • Paste your API Key fetched on Step 0
  • Select Create a query
  • Get the path of the content from the previous node.
path of content

Find the content you sent from the email or trigger and select "Copy Path"

  • Paste the path into the Query input box as a template variable
query input

Paste the path in the "Query" input box as a template variable

  • Press Test Run. Wait for the output of your query

If you get a timeout error running the “create_query” node, increase the timeout of your workflow settings to 120 seconds.

Step 4: Select what to do with your Libraria output

  • Send over your output for your query with any one of Pipedream’s thousands of apps.