The Google Drive integration allows you to paste a folder link or a file.

Accepted File Types

  • DocX
  • PDF

How do I add files from my Google Drive?

Step 1: Adding Google Drive Datasource on Libraria.

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base of the Library you want to add a custom answer to.
  2. Click on the External Data Sources tab.
Extenal data sources
  1. Select Google.
Select Google drive
  1. A window will pop up then click on Add the Google Integration.
Google integration
  1. A new window will open to select your Google account. Select the account where the files you want to add are located.
Google account
  1. You will be redirected to choose what files you want Libraria to have access to, select what you allow access to then click Continue.
Google files
  1. Once done, you will see that under the Active Direct Integrations section, Google is now added.
Actice integrations

Step 2: Move to Google Drive Tab on Libraria

  1. Go back to Knowledge Base and click Add Knowledge
Add knowledge
  1. Select Scrape with links
Scrape with links
  1. Select Google Drive from the tabs that are in the link section.
Google drive tab

Step 3: Paste your File URL or Folder URL

  1. You can simply get the link to your drive by copying it from the URL field of your browser.
Drive url
  1. Paste your Google file or folder URL. Click Add more if you want to add more URLs.
Pasted url
  1. Click Submit button. Once submitted, a window will appear showing how much credits you will use and the files that will be added to your knowledge base.
  1. Click on the Submit button in the window to confirm and add it to your library.