Accepted file types

  • PDF
  • DocX
  • txt

How do I add a file to my knowledge base?

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base of the Library you want to add a PDF to.

  2. Click Add Knowledge button.

Add Knowledge
  1. Select Add a file from the Add Knowledge window.
Add a file

The page will be changed to enable you to upload PDF, DocX, and txt files.

Add a PDF

There are 2 ways to add a file to your knowledge base

Drag and Drop

  1. You can upload files by clicking on the Drag and drop area and selecting the files from your computer.
Click drag and drop

Or simply dragging the files from your computer to the Drag and drop area.

Drag then drop
  1. Click the Submit button to add the files to your knowledge base. The number of credits used will be displayed on the button.