How do I add raw text?

  1. Go to the Knowledge Base of the Library you want to add a PDF to.

  2. Click Add Knowledge button.

Add Knowledge
  1. Select Add unstructured documents from the Add Knowledge window.
Add a file

The page will be changed to enable you to add raw text in your knowledge base.

Add a raw text

There are two ways to create a custom answer

What’s the difference between raw text and a custom answer?

Libraria reformats your question for increased accuracy matching on our backend. Custom answers are great for answering very specific questions, but for longer content, it is not necessary ot reformat it and may impede results.

Libraria’s editor

In the Manual tab you can fill out the fields for setting up your custom answers.

  1. The only required field in the form is the Paragraph field. This is where you will enter the knowledge you want your chatbot to have.
Manual Raw Text 1
  1. There are additional optional fields you can fill out that you can include as knowledge:
    • The Title is a field where you can put a title for your paragraph.
Manual Raw Text 2
  • The URL is a field where you can put a link that can be included in your custom answer.
  • The Photo Snippet is a field where you can put an image that can be included in your custom answer.
Manual Raw Text 3
  1. Click the Submit button to add your paragraph to your knowledge base.

In Bulk via CSV

In the Bulk Import Text with CSV you can upload a CSV file to create multiple custom answers at once.

Bulk Raw Text 1
  1. The CSV file is required to have the following columns:

    • text column should contain the paragraph that you want to add to your chatbot’s knowledge.

    Optional columns it can contain are:

    • title column for the title of your text.
    • url column for a link that can be included in your custom answer.
    • id column for the ID of the custom answer you want to create.

    Each row in the CSV will be considered as a document.

If you add an id column, it will be used to update existing documents with the same id. If you do not the column, new documents will be created.

  1. Upload your CSV file by either clicking on the Drag and drop area or dragging your file into the area.
Bulk Custom Answer 2
Bulk Custom Answer 3
  1. There is an optional checkbox:

    • When Only use this document when matched is checked, this option ensures that the document or content is considered for generating a response only when it closely matches the user’s question.

    Check the box if you want to include this option in your custom answer.

Bulk Custom Answer 3
  1. Click Submit to save your custom answers.